Flag Marshal

Motorsport Flags


Welcome to FlagMarshal.com, on this site we’ve definitions of what the various motorsport flags are, along with hints and tips on when they are used and how they are used.

Simply pick the flag you’re interested in from the menu at the top.

A basic understanding of flags is part of the UK ARDS test for a race license.

A good understanding of flags is essential for any flag marshal.

Where possible we’ll indicate in Blue the official definitions from the UK MSA “Blue Book” (2014 Edition) and in Green the official definitions from the Motorsport Ireland “Green Book” (2013 Edition).

We are indebted to John Newman (pictured on the right displaying the green flag) who maintained these pages for many years on the original flag‑marshal.org.uk site before passing the mantle over. Unless otherwise specified any opinions, hints and tips, etc. are from John.

You’ll also find loads of other marshaling tips, circuit details, maps, etc. on our sister site Marshals Guide and some (very) active discussion on marshaling on Ten-Tenths Motorsport Forum