Flag Marshal

Motorsport Flags

Black & Orange

AKA: The Meatball Flag

This is a startline only flag. It is shown to all competitors together with the number of the driver for whom it is intended. If you can remember your number then you will realize that it is for you!

The meaning of this communication can actually be quite serious, it means that your car has a mechanical fault which has been spotted by an Observer, but may not be obvious to you. This can range from a loose piece of bodywork which could cause a problem, or an oil or fuel leak, to a fire underneath the car!

The instruction is to return immediately to the pits to have the problem rectified.

Simple you may think, but a number of drivers confuse it with the black flag which means report to the Clerk of the Course for an immediate interview. Not so. Another embarrassment when you appear erroneously in front of him (perhaps again), with a book down the backside of your overalls while your practice session minutes tick quietly away….