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Motorsport Flags

Green (For Drivers)

So Simple this one, except that it can be both an advisory and an instructive communication!

The green has three uses. The main use is to say that you may resume racing at the end of a sector controlled by yellow flags. Please be aware that you must not overtake until you have passed the green flag, if you do an eagle eyed Observer will report this to the Clerk of the Course, result, another interview!

The second use is for the formation lap prior to the start of a race, strangely, this is commonly known as the “green flag lap”. The first lap of a practice session is also run under green flags as a “sighting lap”. It is well worth while to check your championship regs and the supplementary regs for the exact formation lap procedure as these may vary by championship, or from circuit to circuit.

The third use is for the first lap following a Safety Car intervention, see SC (Safety Car) page.