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The Hazard Board

Q 15.1(o) A Warning of a Hazard That Was Not Present When the Race or Practice Started.

Can It Be Used Instead of a Yellow?

Yes, if a car has merely pulled off, or has been moved to a place of safety during the lap and there are no marshals “off the bank”

Blue Book says:

Q 15.1.1(d) If the incident is well off the track and marshals are not working at the trackside, the incident may be indicated by a stationary yellow flag, followed by a stationary green flag, or by a Hazard Area board.


Q 15.1.3 If a hazard has been indicated by Yellow flags as above, the flags may be withdrawn, even though the hazard remains. It will then be indicated by a Hazard Area board at the flag post preceding the hazard. It is then the competitor’s responsibility to take appropriate care.

Why Does It Exist?

For Insurance purposes

(ask an old bod like me and they will tell you an alleged tale)

Note the Time Displayed and don’t forget to take it in at the end of the session or race!

There is no provision for the hazard board in Ireland.