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Q 15.1(d) A Service Car or Slow Moving Car Is on the Circuit. The White Flag Will Be Waved to Indicate the Sector of the Track That the Slow Moving Vehicle Is In, and Held Stationary Whilst the Vehicle Is in the Next Sector.

(Appendix 40)
15.4. White flag – A service car or slow moving car is on the circuit. The white flag should be waved to indicate the sector of the track that the slow moving vehicle is in, and held stationary whilst the vehicle is in the next sector.

Another literary masterpiece from the Blue Book.

Essentially what this little gem is trying to say is that there is no longer a provision to show a single stationary white flag.

When there is a Very slow competing car, or a service vehicle on the circuit, such as a doctor’s car rescue unit Etc then a waved white must be employed preceded by a stationary. As the vehicle progresses around the circuit each sector “takes up” the white flag and withdraws when the vehicle is clear of the sector.

The most frequently asked question is:
How Slow is Slow?

My answer to that is: if you have the impression that you could run and catch it up, (applies to under 35s only) then wave the white.

After the chequered flag

Always keep a white flag (and a yellow too, for that matter) in your hand after the chequered flag, especially if you are just downstream from the finish line or wherever the course car emerges on to the circuit. This can be useful for those drivers who seem to miss the end of a practice session and occasionally a race! white and yellow together seem to make the point