Flag Marshal

Motorsport Flags


We are Wasting Our Time If The Drivers Cannot See The Signal

There are a lot of factors to consider here. Firstly the graphic below is intended to show the latest point at which a driver can see the flag (as shown by the blue flag symbols). The flag points are represented by the blue “smiley faces”.

This is because his sight line is way in front of his actual position, and completely different to his racing line. This must be borne in mind when showing a flag, it is no good showing it 50 yards after he is looking in your direction.

Stationary Flag Presentation

Waved Flag Presentation

The Speed and Vigour Should Indicate the Urgency or Extent of the Danger Present

Practice a Wave Before the Start of Racing or Practice Sessions:
Allow for Changes in Wind Direction
Use the Wind, Long Way Down Short Way up, (or vice versa) is a good way of maintaining a clear signal in poor conditions
If the Wind is Really Bad, try Anything


The Flag Dance

Oh man, he’s making me do the flag dance!
(Every flag marshal at some point in their life)

If the flag needs to stay out keep it out.

Don’t pull the flag in or downgrade to a steady unless necessary. For the preceding flagger there’s nothing worse than having the next post pull the flag in when there’s no traffic only to wave it again when the next car comes around. You can always go for a “slow” wave when there’s no traffic.