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The Author as a Driver Many Years Ago

This section of the site has appeared as an evolution of the marshaling site. It occurred to me that drivers are not receiving enough information/training on the flag signals being conveyed to them, or some of the procedures that can occur during a race. An example of this was the abandonment of a potentially very good system of neutralizing races without the need for a red flag. It didn’t work because nobody had been told exactly the “what, why & when” in plain terms.

Flagging is communication and is the only means that marshals, (and by extension), the Clerk of the Course have to communicate with drivers. The basic intention of the site is to explain the various signals and what we are trying to say, as intended, as opposed to the definition in the rule book, Which doesn’t necessarily mean the same thing.

Primarily the site is aimed at new drivers who are about to take (or have just taken) their ARDS test. The idea being to be able to put a little more substance in to the training given on the ARDS day.

For more experienced drivers it is a means of getting up to date on some of the new regulations, or just as a reminder of those that have been forgotten, this hopefully not at the request of a Clerk of the Course!!!

I hope not to take things too seriously and as with all aspects of motor sport hope that we can have a bit of fun, at the same time as discovering new ideas.

Anything in Red type on this site is very highly recommended.

I do hope you enjoy it!

We would also go further and say that before you apply for a race licence or an upgrade go out for a day and marshal.  You’ll get a different perspective of what we do.