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MSA Changes UK Flag Regulations

MSA UK have announced changes to the UK flag regulations starting 1st January 2014.


The main change is the dropping of the stationary yellow flag in favour of single and double waved yellows. This bring the UK flag regulations into line with existing “FIA” regulations.

Race flags
From 1st January 2014, regulations governing flag signals at race meetings will be changed as follows. These new regulations should be read in conjunction  with the 2014 Blue Book – changes are indicated in red type:

Q15.1. Officials’ Signals will be conveyed to drivers by the following flag signals (14.4). Signals (k), (l) and (m) may be displayed by an appropriately coloured panel to  which the competitor number may be attached:

(e) Yellow flag – Waved: Danger, slow down sufficiently to ensure that full control of the vehicle can be retained. No overtaking.

(f) Yellow flag – Double Waved: Great danger. Slow down considerably. Be prepared to suddenly change from the projected racing line, or take other evasive action including stopping if necessary. No overtaking. (This signal may be supplemented or replaced by flashing yellow light(s), as an added warning).

(i) Green flag – Waved: All clear, at the end of a danger area controlled by yellow flags. Also used to signal the start of a formation lap and shown at all posts during first lap of each practice session and during the formation lap.

Q15.1.1. At an incident where the track is obstructed, or marshals are working at the trackside, the following signals will be used:

(a) A WAVED Yellow at the post before a DOUBLE WAVED Yellow. (The waved yellow flag may also be supplemented or replaced by flashing yellow warning lights).

(b) A double waved Yellow flag at the post immediately preceding the incident. (The waved yellow flags may also be supplemented or replaced by flashing yellow warning lights).

(c) A waved Green flag at the post immediately after the incident.

(d) If the incident is well off the track and marshals are not working at the trackside, the incident may be indicated by a single waved yellow flag, followed by a waved green flag, or by a Hazard Area board.

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