Flag Marshal

Motorsport Flags


Q 5.4. Any race can be stopped at the sole discretion of the Clerk of the Course by waving the Red flag at the Start/Finish line. Competitors will be warned that the race has been stopped by the simultaneous waving of the Red flag at all Flag Marshalling Posts.

Q 15.1(j) Red Flag: Immediately Cease Driving at Racing Speed and Proceed Slowly, Without Overtaking, and With Maximum Caution to Pits or Startline Obeying Marshal’s Instructions, and Being Prepared to Stop Should the Track Be Blocked.

(Appendix 40)
15.10. Red flag.  Immediately cease racing and proceed slowly and with maximum caution to start line or pits as instructed by marshals, being prepared to stop should the track be blocked. No Overtaking.

15.11. Red flag waved at individual marshal’s posts.  The Race has been stopped. Proceed as 15.10 above. No Overtaking.


Hooray!! the Blue Book is absolutely right, the rules couldn’t be clearer

(It’s probably still in it’s original format)

We need to be quick and clear with the Red Flag, however there are a few ground rules and a couple of tips.

The Red Flag is instigated on the Startline and travels around the circuit in both directions. This may also be supplemented by red lights. Pick up the red from wherever you see it, you don’t have to wait for the next post (they may be asleep!), or you may see the red lights. When you have picked it up make sure the adjacent posts see your signal and give a clear signal to the drivers.

A word of warning, ONLY show the Red Flag when you have seen either another post displaying it, or red lights.

Never from a radio or the commentator by all means use these as an indication that a red is imminent and prepare yourself, I always do a “double take” just to make absolutely certain that the red is actually out, as I couldn’t stand the embarrassment factor of an error.

(Who was it that stopped a race by briefly leaning on the red light button in a race control room?)