Flag Marshal

Motorsport Flags

White (For Drivers)

We surrender! This race is boring, we give up.
Various marshals!

The white flag is always shown as a waved flag preceded by a stationary flag, the MSA in their wisdom do not allow us any interpretation of this.

The meaning of this flag is that there is a slow vehicle on the circuit in the sector that you are approaching/in with which you have a massive speed differential.

This often refers to a very slow competitor, usually struggling back to the pits with a mechanical problem, or a “service vehicle”

“Service vehicles” come in a number of guises, breakdown vehicles (unlikely). Ambulances, Rescue Units, Snatch Vehicles. The latter three need particular care as they may well be on their way to an incident, so you need to be aware of this and prepared for the possibility of a yellow or a red flag situation being imminent.

Give them a wide berth and keep your eyes open for the reason they are there.